Sitecore Workflows Timed Notification To Publishers

Recently, I set up a scheduled agent to notify publishers that items were waiting for approval in Workflow. Here are details on that notification agent.


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Sitecore Utility to Email Admin Users

Sometimes, it is good to email someone that something has gone wrong. When this happens, the question always comes up as to who should be emailed and how that list will be managed.

With this in mind, I created a quick utility to email the Sitecore admin users…

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Sitecore Workflow Notification – Case Study

Sitecore workflows are a great way to make content states explicit. They also make the application of security to content state management easy. However, the notification tool provided out of the box is not very impressive.

For a recent client, I created some workflow notification utilities…

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Sitecore Staging Module – Clean up Cache Clear Queue

If using the Staging Module for cache clearing only, and you have public servers go down periodically, you may want to clear excess staging operation files. If so, you use the Sitecore Cleanup Agent with a simple web.config edit.

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